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Your retired IT assets can serve a useful purpose -
they need to be managed responsibly, not dumped in landfills!

At SESC, our focus is on computer and electronics recycling in the Carolinas. We offer total management of end-of-life IT assets that cover collection, data security, and ethical green recycling of electronic waste (e-waste). None of the electronic waste we collect goes to landfills. With technology getting redundant so quickly, smart management of retired IT assets is needed. We work with you step-by-step to guide you through the whole process, securely, smoothly, and responsibly!

We take e-waste and data security seriously!

As in other states, businesses in the Carolinas are refreshing their old technologies ever so often.  In doing so, they are faced with the daunting task of managing their old IT assets, data security, and regulatory compliance. There have been documented cases of confidential information being found on recovered electronic storage devices thrown in landfills or shipped to third-world countries. Irresponsible IT asset and electronics disposal can pose a risk to your business too!

We provide secure data destruction services, including hard drive shredding service, alongside electronic waste recycling. Our complete life cycle IT asset management service helps businesses meet their environmental and legislative obligations for equipment disposal. We help you in making some very important decisions regarding your old assets, whether to sell, reuse, refurbish or recycle them.

SESC focuses on recycling electronic waste with data security in mind. Our electronics recycling & IT asset management services cover the Carolinas. We provide pick-up and free drop-off services to these areas. SESC electronic recycling services now reach out to consumers across the country through our mail-back recycling program. Now you can recycle from home!

Call us today for a no-obligation estimate. We help you manage your old IT assets & recycle them the all green way!


How is E-Waste converted 
to Green?

  • Plastics: Can get converted into park benches, patio furniture, friendship bands, etc.

  • Glass: Goes to a smelter to recover the lead, and panel glass can be used in the production of insulation and other materials

  • Aluminum: Gets converted to products like Auto Parts, aluminum ladders, etc.

  • Steel: Is recycled to make steel, appliances, cans, cars/trucks even bridges

  • Circuit boards: Precious metals are extracted out of circuit boards

  • Batteries: Contain elements like Cobalt and Iron

Industries Served

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Partner Referral Program

Why become a SESC Partner?

Join us to make e-waste green!

Becoming a Referral partner of SESC is EASY and INCREDIBLY REWARDING. By joining you will enjoy an unparalleled level of customer service and support from our data destruction team. In addition, you can be assured that your customers will receive the best-in-class e-waste disposal and recycling service.

Program Benefits

  1. Ability to offer secure data destruction services to clients using our Secure E-Bins

  2. Exclusive pricing for hard drive destruction services

  3. Ability to offer your clients complete Life-Cycle Asset management service through SESC

  4. Ability to offer Green initiatives to your clients

  5. Cross and co-marketing opportunities provided by SESC

  6. Chance to participate in SESC, E-Waste marketing events

  7. Co-Branding, link exchange with SESC website and landing pages

  • No sign-up fees or contracts

  • Commissions on every successful data destruction and e-waste removal (invoiced) referral

  • No cap on commissions

  • FREE marketing materials

  • Opportunities to cross-sell Secure Data Destruction Services


Southern Environmental Solutions of the Carolinas, LLC (SESC) is an electronic waste

(e-waste) recycling company located in Chesterfield, South Carolina. It is the mission of our company to convert as much e-waste into green by diverting it from our landfills and overseas export as possible. SESC has a commitment to be a leader amongst electronic waste recyclers for health, safety, and environmental performance.

SESC is professional, fast, and reliable. We work with our customers to establish the best routes for the recovery and recycling of a range of business and consumer electronic products. Our processes are designed to understand how best to utilize resources of the redundant computer and electronic equipment through its direct refurbishment and reuse or recycling involving the recovery of the materials it contains for possible reuse.

SESC seeks to provide an e-waste management service to tackle the growing problem of

e-waste in North Carolina.

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