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Our Services

Recycling Services:

We de-manufacture your assets to be re-used, refurbished, or recycled. According to the EPA, computers, and electronics constitute about 2% of the landfill, yet they contribute to about 70% of the lead, mercury, and other heavy metals in landfills. At SESC, we help you turn these numbers around by helping you recycle your e-waste.

Pick Up, Drop Off Services:

We offer pick up and drop off using secure transportation of assets from customer location to our facilities.

Secure Data Destruction Service:

On-Site and Off-Site

  • DOD-Wipes:

    We offer on-site and off-site Department of Defense Data wipe services.

  • Secure E-Bins

  • Certificates of proper data destruction and environmental processing:

    We offer Chain of Custody and Certified Data Destruction services to our customers, including the destruction of confidential data according to compliance requirements.


IT Asset Management Services:

Don’t just dump your computers into landfills, recover value from them! Old IT assets, if not handled properly, can create some serious security issues, resulting in huge overhead costs. SESC can help you manage your retired assets effectively, economically, and responsibly. We provide the following services in managing your IT assets:

  • Discovery services:

    Provide a current inventory of IT assets, either remote or on-site, with a value assessment

  • De-installation services:

    Dismantle and move assets to a central area for on-site pickup

  • Refurbishment services:

    Prepare assets for re-deployment, donation, lease return, or employee sale.

  • Quarantine services:

    Hold assets for a specified period of time to ensure all data is migrated properly.

  • Value recovery services:

    Marketing and re-marketing of assets.

  • Processing services:

    We receive, test, and prepare equipment for resale if necessary.

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