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E-Waste Recycling:

As a responsible electronics recycler, we make sure that all electronics are recycled to reclaim useful commodities such as plastics, metals, and various other elements. We recycle almost anything electronic that takes batteries or plugs into the wall. Our goal is to divert as much e-waste from landfills as possible. By making sure your electronics
get a new life as something useful rather than pollute the environment, you can go a step closer to “Going Green”.

Secure Data Shredding Service:

Mail-in your hard drive or drop your hard drive and other media storage devices at our secure bin, located at different locations. We will shred your hard drive into small fragments using our specialized hard drive shredder, making data recovery impossible! A certificate of destruction is given as a guarantee for your peace of mind. Our data destruction is done at a 24/7 surveillance facility, in a securely caged area. Rest assured we take data security and e-waste recycling seriously!

Drop-Off Services:


SESC offers free drop-off services to consumers. Drop off your retired IT assets at the SESC facility free of cost.

Important: We do not accept any “White Goods” as drop-offs.

Shredding Events:

You are always invited to come to visit our electronic waste events where we raise funds for a good cause. All proceeds go to schools, churches, and charities. Please contact us or watch the “News/Events” section of our website to get more information. You can donate your old electronics to support a good cause.

Note: We are always looking to partner up with communities, non-profit organizations, charities and
schools to set up an electronic recycling event.

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