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Small Business

Why do businesses need to take data destruction seriously and how SESC can help?

  1. Data security is an important aspect of computer recycling:

    It is important for every organization that there is no information security leak in the lifecycle of secure data. This can only be made possible through secure destruction and recycling. Recycling computers can be dangerous when handling sensitive data, specifically to businesses, storing tax records, employee information, trade secrets, financial information, client data, software, and other invaluable information that amounts to years of work. While most people will try to wipe their hard drives clean before disposing of their old computers, it is not 100% assured.

  2. Product Life Cycle Security:

    Keeping in mind the severity of data security issues, SESC provides its customers the valuable service of data security. Our product life cycle data security is safe and reliable. It begins from the point where the journey of e-waste products starts when our representative arrives at your premises to collect e-waste until those data units are recycled. We also provide on-site shredding of hard drives and Department of Defense wipes for customer satisfaction, on request.

Small Business Services include:

  1. Free on-site estimates

  2. Secure pick up: We are dedicated to secure the warehouse collection of e-waste in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Hard drives will be transported in securely locked bins until they reach our facilities for final shredding

  3. Certified Secure Data Destruction (On-Site & Off-Site): Your hard drives are shredded into small size fragments using a specialized hard drive shredder, making it impossible for any data breach to happen. Includes, Hard Drives, Backup Magnetic Tapes, Floppy Disk, Zip Disk (100 MB, 250 MB, and other Optical Media (CD’s DVDs, Blue Ray, and HD DVD), Cell phones, PDAs, etc.

    1. Hard Drive Destruction

    2. Secure Hard Drive Destruction with e-certification

    3. Hard Drive Data Wipe (We use US Department of Defense Approved Software) Accordance with the following standards:

      • DOD 5220.22-M (Multiple overwrites, random characters, and write verification)

      • HMG IS5 Baseline

      • HMG IS5 Enhanced

      • Canada Ops-II

      • US Army AR380-19

      • US Air Force 5020

      • German VSITR

      • NAVSCO P-5239-26

      • NCSC-TG-025

      • Russian GOST P50739-95

    4. Optional Services with Data Wipe

  4. Product Ownership Transfer

  5. IT Asset Management/Recovery

  6. Refurbishing: Usable electronics that would have otherwise been rotting in landfills are given new life. They are refurbished to be reused by those who need them the most. We help you to reuse, donate or recycle

  7. End of Life Recycling: Equipment that cannot be refurbished for reuse is recycled for parts in a secure and environmentally safe manner.

  8. Marketing and Remarketing of your IT Assets

  9. Secure E-Bins for E-Waste storage, transportation, and final destruction

  10. Secure Drop Off

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