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SESC provides large enterprises a comprehensive IT Asset Management and Recovery Plan. We work with them on their periodic technology update cycles, where maximum value recovery and expert management of end-of-life assets are conducted. While managing volumes of data on these redundant computers, we keep clients' data security and policy requirements at the top of our priority list.

  • SESC provides optimized resource recovery, expert overall IT asset management, thus helping clients make a value-based decision regarding reuse, recycling, refurbishing, and sale of those assets.

  • By utilizing SESC,  large companies can recycle their e-waste more effectively, which will, in turn, help them become green and sustainable organizations. 

    • We help them in getting the best market value for their electronic waste

    • In the era of smartphones, when technology becomes redundant quickly, we help enterprises get value in the secondary lifecycle management.

    • While manufacturer buyback programs may be an attractive and easy way out options, these can turn out to be expensive ventures for an organization. We offer free estimates and initial analysis reports to let you do comparison shopping before you make a decision.

    • We help large enterprises manage volumes of e-waste, tackle data security issues while recycling these assets and comply with regulatory issues.

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